Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Really, Really, Really Long Blog Post.

I have to admit it's a bad habit of mine, beginning blogs and soon abandoning them. It all starts with a nervous article, written to nobody. 0 followers. Eventually I give them some TLC, get some followers and that encourages me to write some more. Then, as if out of nowhere I have nothing to say. The blog is then left to rot in the internet graveyard. Just like my Myspace account and The Rock Hut; a long lost t-shirt shop that I ran when I was fifteen.

I'll try and write more regularly. There will be more, which I will deal with when I'm done being hungover. I'll be back to write the first few when my mouth no longer tastes like a small woodland critter died in it and when it doesn't hurt to look at the computer screen.

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