Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blink 182: This is my rant, deal with it.

Blink 182 are playing the O2 in Dublin tonight. So here's a picture of them by my favourite taker of photos, David Lachapelle.

I'm actually pretty upset today. I was all set to go to Blink, I'd been Facebook status-ing it up and Tumbling about it non-stop. That's often how you know something really has me all hot and bothered. Unfortunately I am unemployed and living with my parents in the middle of nowhere, Co. Westmeath.
My plan was to borrow some dosh from my parents for the ticket, as I was supposed to meet a mystery internet girl who would sell me the ticket before the gig.
To my dismay, it my plans turned to poop and now I can't go. And yes, I know it sounds kind of sad and slightly melodramatic. Mostly because Blink aren't really a very serious or meaningful band to most people. In fact they're kind of a joke with their quirky videos and their whiny pop-punk voices but I don't care! They mean a lot to me, they were well and truly my gateway band.

I always remember when I was I dunno, say 11 or 12 or something like that, when my Grandad was the only person in my house with Sky on they television. I would sneak up to his sitting room after school, while he was still at work in Dublin. I used to use a tape to record my favourite music from the telly so that I could watch it in my own room on my giant boxy hand-me-down television from the year 190-splosh.
 I remember one day flicking through the channels and seeing All The Small Things on Kerrang. I immediately recognized it. It was a popular song even years after it had been released. I recorded it, along with some shit HIM song, Evanescence and Pain by Jimmy Eat World.
After that, I would constantly go back to Kerrang and P-rock and Scuzz searching for bands like Blink. Yes, there were some bands that I became attached to that are a little less... well, good. Like say Bowling For Soup. Because of bands like Blink I discovered NOFX and Sonic Youth and so many other bands. In reality I kind of have Tom, Mark and Travis (Drool.) to thank for all the awesome bands that shuffle about my ipod today.

Things could have gone very differently and right now I could be upset about never seeing Tiesto live. Basically, I've been waiting for Blink to play in Ireland for quite literally years and years and now that they are it's killing me that I'm going to miss that performance. I know it's whiney and stupid but it really is making me upset. I really hope that someday I get to rock out to some live Blink 182.

In other, more important news the interview for my journalism with photography course is tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I'll get it. This year has certainly been a journey of self exploration, now that it's finally clear what I would like to do it's terrifying that I might not get it.


  1. I found your blog through your sisters.
    I totally feel your Blink pain, I was lucky to see them at Leeds Festival at the weekend, but I should have been seeing them in Glasgow earlier in the week and couldnt go. You poor thing!


  2. It all turned good in the end but your rant was really good :)

  3. totally with you on the blink thing.
    it'd make my life to see them live!

  4. LOVE david lachapelle, blink and p-rock! haha old skool x