Tuesday, September 21, 2010

College/The Big Move/Freshers Week

Hey everyone! So firstly apologies for the crap quality webcam picture. I'm actually in bed about to go asleep so that I can attempt to roll out of bed and into college tomorrow morning. I'm sure that's obvious from my un-brushed hair and my bed time Pixies t-shirt. I wanted to share my little memento from my first few nights in the new house.

I've moved into my new house with two very old friends and two new-ish friends. My room is finally cosy and kitted out. I'm just waiting on my guitar to arrive from my "home" home. Tomorrow is day 3 of my photo-journalism course. So far it's pretty awesome and I hope by the time I finish in May I'll have 8 shiny distinctions and a place in Edinburgh or London!

It's a busy week with loads of freshers events on. Last night we went to Panti Bar, a really cool gay bar in town. There was a free stand up comedy and improv show. It was three quid pints of Fosters which wasn't bad. I had two and that was that, I decided I'd rather buy shampoo and conditioner than an extra drink.

Next on the agenda is another comedy show in my flatmate's college NUIM. We're going to see the live show of Hardy Bucks. Something that can only be appreciated by the Irish.
After that is Sunday, when I will be visiting the Dublin Flea Market where I hope to get a stand selling my home made canvas mirror things and my vintage clothing plus a short stop by the clothing swap meet in Shebeen Chic. (George's Street)
I'll also be dropping off a tattoo design soon and inquiring about having my ears stretched a little. I'll keep posted about my dull adventures anyway!

I'll be replying to any comments and emails that I've received tomorrow after college when I have a bit of time to spare! I have a little "how to be a broke student and still have an awesome time" post coming soon.

Night, night Blogger-heads!


  1. it seems as a great time you had! is your first year of college? mine'd start in October so i'm quite nervous jaja
    xx :)

  2. once you get your first tattoo it's hard to stop..speaking from experience haha

  3. Juls! I dropped out a course last year so it's kind of my second... It's still really exciting though! :)

    Hey Meegs! Fancy seeing you here! :P And yeah I can definitely see myself going down that road. I've already got a long list of tattoos I want to get. What have you got done? :)

  4. Your blog is cool! love your last post!! :) kisses from Spain! :)

  5. @Pause thanks :) Yours is really great too. Love the photographs on it.

    @Ramrod360 I know! Pixies are truly awesome. First band I ever saw live, must have been all of 13 at the time! :)