Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stephanie Funkadelic's Vintage/Thrifted clothes for sale!

Hey everyone, I got a package full of beautiful vintage clothing yesterday. Including two rare items, one from the 1950's! I also picked up some pretty items from a thrift shop. I'm so excited about them and they're really beautiful. It's going to be hard to say goodbye but here they are none the less. If you see anything you like I can be contacted here stephfunk19@hotmail.com

Rare 1950's Vintage Bed-jacket 

Price: €25

The first item is my favourite. A beautiful, rare 1950's bed jacket. It feels really light and silky. I think I'll shed a tear when someone purchases this little gem. The lace detail on the collar and sleeves plus the pink ribbon really make it stand out from the other items I found. Because it's very old there isn't a size on it but it fits me a UK size 12 and looks good on Roybn (below) a UK size 8.

Thrifted 80's style Denim Jacket

Price: €12

The next item for sale is a thrifted denim jacket. I found this in a charity shop not far from my house. I really like it, it's kind of 80's and is very versatile. It could be grunged up or worn with a pretty dress. Good with your woolies in the winter and great with shorts in the Summer. UK size 10.

Rare Vintage Martini Bag

Price: €20

This rare vintage Martini bag was probably once used as a ladies shopping bag back in the day. Now makes a really pretty bag for college or just a day slurping cinnamon coffee in Starbucks.

Thrifted Floral Pattern Dress

Price: €12

This floral dress was found in the same charity shop as the denim jacket. I had a lucky run in that shop! It's from H&M and is good as new. I probably would have kept it for myself bar the fact that it's too small for
me! It's a UK size 10.

Vintage Rope Pattern Knit Cardigan

Price: €20 
This vintage cardi is really great for autumn and winter. It's perfect for layering and it's really cosy for moseying about town on an autumn morning. Think crunchy leaves and, great winter boots and cute skinny jeans. It's about a UK size 12.

Vintage Floral Pattern Culottes

Price: €18

These vintage culottes are really bold and colourful. It takes a brave woman to pull these off right but when you do they look amazing. Personally items like these are my favourite find in vintage clothes stores because I know it's original, whacky and I'm definitely not going to turn up at a party wearing the same thing as 5 other people. They say "Made in Britain 14" on the label but I'm a 12 and it was a tight fit around the waist. They were slightly loose on Robyn as you can see in the photo and again she's a UK 8.  

Vintage Knitted Waistcoat

Price: €20
This waistcoat is very similar in colour to the vintage cardigan has really nice detail and it great for both autumn and Summer. Because it can be layered or worn with Summer attire it's very versatile. It's one of my favourite vintage items.

Ok well that's about it for today. I'll be posting some vintage sweetheart scarves in the next day or too and there are some awesome statement rings to come the following week! Anyhoo thanks to my little sister for modelling. Some of you might know her as Indie Star and she can be found here.


  1. wow! such gorgeous clothes, i'm in love with the dress, but actually is too small for me :(


  2. Yeah, it's too small for me too. I wish it fit! I'd definitely keep it. :)

  3. Amazing clothing! I like your blog..

  4. Thanks :) I know, they're really pretty. Don't wanna let them go. :( x

  5. you have so many great items for sale!! i adore the blouse and dress <3 i wish i had money heheh :)

  6. I've been trying to look for an 80's Denim Jacket, that jacket that you have is perfect:)