Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photos from Electric Picnic 2010

Here are some pictures from my favourite moments at Electric Picnic. I was having too much fun to bother taking snaps for most of the weekend but I think I got a few good ones!

Adam on a huge, crazy bike...

Adam on the giant recycled bicycle. He was so happy.

Aoife and myself. :)

Aoife and myself, I have a feeling this was one of the first days. We look too normal.


The lead singer of the band Foals, who I love. It took us ages but we squished to the front and rocked out with a guy wearing a lampshade.

Old fashioned swing ride

This was an old fashioned swing set that we paid a mere fiver for. It was SO worth it though. One guy passed out got swung around for a good 10 minutes before anyone realised...

Adam @ Body and Soul stage

Body and Soul main stage @ Electric Picnic

Adam hanging out in Body and Soul. Such a great place, the fountain, the swings, the art, the cafes. Everything in the Body and Soul area was perfect.

Giant Tree @ Electric Picnic

A really cool tree I found on my wanders through the arena.

Electric Picnic

Everyone chilling on Saturday afternoon. Hitting the booze again to rid of those nasty hangovers. There really is nothing worse than a festival hangover. It's like a normal one heightened by the heat of your tent, the constant noise, the lack of running water and normality in general.


  1. I spent a lot of the weekend wondering how people got down off those giant bicycles.

  2. looks like such a good time! i didnt make it to anything nearly this fun all summer, im gutted! x

  3. It's actually really easy Sorcha! It's you have to stand on that metal thing at the side. The guy said you can fall off really easily by leaning too far back.

    And Quite Quaint, it was all fun and games until the mud-fest began on Sunday. I learned my lesson, mud is not good for clothes and boots!